The Mill 2016

Österby Smedja


The Mill is located in south of Sweden. The event has been down since 2009, but will reopen May 19-22 2016. The purpose this time is networking between countries.

On Thursday (May 19) we will get together and start knowing eachother. Friday and Saturday will be open for the public. Sunday will be information about Swedish education system for driving horses.

On site there will be a small market place, we will show and play with new equipment for horses. Saturday evening we have a live band playing.

You can buy food from local farmers and hunters.

The event is hosted by Österby Smedja,

This is an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, make new friends and have fun!

Nearest airport is Linkoping airport, and to see the exact location for the event, type “Grytgolsvagen 85, Finspang, Sweden” on Google maps.

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